Bearing Greaser

Columbus hand operated Bearing Greaser BG 30 - 150 for heavy vehicles

Trucks, buses eart movers, agricultural tractors etc.
Maximum 10 seconds filling time

Time saving:  Only 5-10 seconds to grease a bearing with Columbus Bearing Greaser 
Quality: Compared to manual greasing, the penetration ratio of the grease is 100% with the Columbus Bearing Greaser.
Closed system - the greasing system is entirely protected from dirt and dust.
This means less service and a longer life time of all bearings greased with the Columbus Bearing Greaser.
Moveable: Easy to move as it is hand operated and does not require any air attachment.
Economic: Less grease consumption.
Simple: The Columbus Bearing Greaser consist of:
  • Grease pump.
  • Trolley - one size 20 litres to 1/4 barrel.
  • Outer and inner cover for 1/4-barrel or for barrels of 20 litres.
Bearing Size: Maximum: outer diameter 150 mm, inner diameter 120 mm.
Minimum: outer diameter 30 mm, inner diameter 10 mm.
Equipment for other bearing sizes than our standard - on request.
Models: Columbus Bearing Greaser BK 30-150 - 1/4 barrel.
Columbus Bearing Greaser BK 30-150 - 20 litres.
Option: Can also be delivered without pump, trolley and covers for connection to an existing air operated grease pump.

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